Spray booths for wet coating is the chamber where we can create absorption conditions with the main target the absorption of the oversprayed wet color. For the creation of the absorption conditions we use electric absorptions machines which are equipped with dry filters (paper Andrea filters). On these filters the liquid color stuck and the rest clean air goes out.

The walls of the spray booth are constructed from insulated panels. The industrial booth has three doors, one for safety door for the coater, one for entrance of the products and one for exit of the coated products.

Because we create absorption condition in the spray booth, we need to add fresh air inside the booth. This air should be free of particulate matters, that’s why in the entrance of the fresh air inside the booth there are ceiling filters. Ceiling filters has the ability to keep particulate matters in working function of the spray booth. For long life of the ceiling filters the booth has also a first stage for air filter which called prefilter stage, at this stage we use a prefilter Type G3-G4. The heating of the air inside the booth can be with a thermoblock.

Easy and economic solution a real so Paint Walls. Paint Walls can be placed very easy in every working room. There are equipped with Andrea filters for easy handling.Available also with special filters for glue application.


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