spray booths

For the oversprayed powder in powder spray booth we use an absorption machine with filter cartridges and final filters. These filters has the ability to keep powder on there surface. That’s why all the absorptions machines of Kigo has equipped an automatic cleaning system for filter cartridge. If the filters are not in automatic cleaning function in working process, the absorption inside the booth will decreased and the filters will clogged.

Spray booths constructed from steel are suitable and economic solution for productions with not many color changes. Steel spray booths for automatic powder coating have all the advantages like connection with monocyclone and after filter but for not many color changes, this is due to the longer time which painter needs to clean the spray booth in recirculation function.

Spray booths with PVCAntistatic Sandwich Panels are suitable for production which requires many changes of color. The cleaning of the spray booth is very quickly and easily due the antistatic construction of the walls.

* KIGO designs and manufacturesspray booths according customer needs.


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