Waste Water Treatment

The produced wastewater from the chemical pretreatment prior to powder coating, needs farther treatment. The passivation method in spray chemical pretreatment for metals does not include Cr6+, so there is no need for chrome reduction.The waste waters are concentrated in a 5lt concentration tank. From there with automation the wastewater goes in one batch reactor.

The treatment program in the batch reactor consists of the following steps:

1. Neutralization using Liquid Alkaline and liquid Acid 2. Coagulation with liquid polyelectrolyte 3. Flocculation with liquid chemical flocculant 4. Sedimentation 5. Sludge removal 6. Removal and filtration of the final water 7. pH checking of the final disposal
8. Automatic cleaning of the equipment

With this treatment the pollution which is present in the waste water will be removed. With the use of different chemicals it is possible to produce water with specifications according to the domestic policies.

Kigo OE manufactures automatic batch reactor for waste water treatment according customer needs.

Waste Water Treatment


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