Rails - Handling system


6 different sizes on rails up to 2 tn loading

For the manual aerial transportation of the products we use rails. The installation of the aerial rail can be, using spare parts like hangers, connections etc. We use the weight of the product to choice the correct rail.

With rails we can manufacture an aerial network according customer needs using curves, switchs etc.

A combination with automatic conveyor system and manual rails is the suitable solution for production activites or warehouses.

In Kigo we design – manufacture – install aerial transportation systems according customer needs


We install or we supply all the material spare parts for a construction of a small crane. A complete range of products on manual cranes are available according your request.

A transfer station is a multi rails crane. This set consists of two long end crane trolleys, several parallel beams and a manual push system.In order to transfer parts in secure manner the transfer station is indexed to fixed rails Using of a finger and all blocks in position.
It will be necessary to unlock the index in order to leave the position.


KIGO OE Coating equipment Handling systems

KIGO OE was founded in 2001 by K. Kourtzoglou and G. Djordjevic with main goal to organize, design, manufacture and marketing powder coating plants equipment for powder coating, wet coating, wet electrostatic coating and handling systems for aerial transportation of the products. Kigo also produces automatic conveyor lines for aerial.


cataloques Coating equipment Handling systems

See the KIGO OE Catalogue Equipment .


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