KIGO OE Coating equipment Handling systems

KIGO OE Coating equipment Handling systems

Company KIGO OE founded in 2001 by K. Kourtzoglou and G. Djordjevic with main goal to organize, design, manufacture and marketing powder coating plants equipment for powder coating, wet coating, wet electrostatic coating and handling systems for aerial transportation for products.Company's headquarters are in 13thkm Thessaloniki- Lagada in Liti Thessalonikis Greece. From earlier years the company has shown great zeal for development and promotion of its services, creating outstanding partners in the field of systems and electrostatic powder coating.

Always with research, development and application of new technologies , enriching expertise , reliability and quality of construction did not only establish the name , but also to enrich the already extensive clientele , so having the ability to research, construct and install. Kigo O.E. is the correct answer for specialized requirements according customers’ needs.

KIGO OE Coating equipment Handling systems

The orientation of the company is given the seriousness , quality and modern high technology .

KIGO O.E. aspires to satisfy the most particular demands of technological and spatial level, offering and constructing reliable and quality products friendly to environment and the customer. Today the company after eighteen (18) years of operation has enriched the experience and expertise which has, in the field where involved with a big clientele both Greece and foreign countries like Germany, Denmark, Estonia, Polland, Israel, and also other Scandinavian countries and Balkan countries .


KIGO OE trades for many years with well-known German companies such as : WAGNER ( Germany ) – Powder Coating Systems , WALTHER PILOT ( Germany ) – Wet Coating systems, TECHNICIS ( France ) Filters wet paint . OXYPLAST ( Belgium ) - Green powders for electrostatic painting , Pekotek ( Finland ) Sand Blast Systems.

Walther Pilot

Wet painting equipment and glue systems. Industrial spraying gun supplier, pressure tanks


Powder Coating equipment
Manual and automatic wet paint systems


Powder production
One of the largest powder producers. Production of special powders certified for food - water manufacturing , and other industries.


Rails, rollers, door mechanisms


Industrial supplier of wet dye filters.

Emptmeyer Hang Mask

Coating and protection systems Industrial supplier of coating systems, suspension products (hooks, sticks, etc.) for powder coating and wet dyeing.


Blasting equipment
Professional industrial sandblasting systems.

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