Chemical Spray Pretreatment Automatic

An automatic conveyor system with chemical spray pretreatment has big productivity.The products are hanged on special hanging system which passes from different stages. You can see below a sample automatic installation.

Chemical Spray Pretreatment Automatic

Sample installation chemical spray pretreatment
chemical pretreatment1

An automatic chemical pretreatment consists of different stages which are taking place in different spray chambers.The number of the stages depends from the characteristics of the product and from the chemical supplier.

In recent years, chemical suppliers has invented chemicals that can act in same time on iron and aluminum (Multimetal Technology),this allows to use one spray stage to process iron and aluminum products always according customer specifications.

Chemicals that needs heating are used in special insolated stainless steel tanks with heat exchanger. Usually a temperature of 45oC-60oC is enough for a big range of application.

After the chemical spraying chamber the next stage is rinsing with water. Rinsing chambers are constructed like chemical spraying chambers but without heating. The quality of the water must be appropriate so that no residue remains on the surface of the metal. A rinse is never enough, so there are always more flushes that can be in the same chamber or different.

chemical pretreatment2
chemical pretreatment2

Automated chemical dosing systems as well as oil separation and cleaning systems for the liquid solution during its operation are installed for periodically repeatable stable function.

The water which are using in the chemical solutions and the rinses must be free of suspended solids and other chemical elements which can create an inappropriate surface on the metal e.g. Salts of Mg kai Ca.

The produced liquid waste water needs farther treatment, that’s why Kigo supplies waste water treatment machine (WWT batch reactor) for automatic treatment function. Here we can handle the waste water in such way that we can dispose of it to the pre-planned waste recipient according the local authorities. See more in the Wastewater Treatment Category.

chemical pretreatment4
chemical pretreatment2

The last stage of chemical pretreatment is drying and is necessary. The products are carried to the drier where the temperature is about 100°C. Products with dazzling surface can hold water, for this reason the attention should be paid to the way of hanging the products on the conveyor line.

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