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MEGA Powder Coating Plant by KIGO

MEGA powder coating plant is optimal solution for wide range of different size and weight of parts. Special efficiency is when customer wants to coat from small work parts to a particularly big on a same production line.

ECONOMY Powder Coating by KIGO

This line offersto customers industrial machine for powder coating ready to use. Ready to use means that all the equipment are checked-up in our factory packed and ready for shipment. Customer has to supply power and compressed air. Special construction with monorails or car with wheels are equipped according to customers needs.

AUTOMATIC Powder Coating Line by KIGO

Automatic Continues or Tact function powder coating plants are suitable for industrial production. Kigo manufactures and installs complete automatic plants according customer needs.


PILOT Trend-MD Καλή τιμή για Βιομηχανία πράσινο πιστόλι μεσαίας πίεσης Μεγάλη μεταφορά υλικού και εξοικονόμηση έως 30% Φινίρισμα για υψηλά στάνταρ


Φίλτρα Υγρής Βαφής, Φίλτρο οροφής, Φίλτρο - Προφίλτρο, Οικολογικό φίλτρο ξηρού τύπου, Προστασία καμπίνας, Προστασία βαφέα


The pneumatic piston pumps APOLLO are airless equipment's. The airless system allows a high working speed and reduces the overspray, therefore paint and solvent saving. Less overspray means also less pollution and benefits for the workers health.